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yellow & blue
25 October 2009

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a lover
16 October 2009

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sunda kelapa in HDR
30 June 2009

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water lily
6 June 2009

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mie ayam bakso
17 August 2006

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makasar fried rice
7 August 2006

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4 August 2005

Recent Comments

Setiawan on a door & an alley
frame dan komposisi merah...BERANI, Tunjukan merahmu

Joan Felix on beijing's traffic
Traffic everywhere..

Michael on red wall
A superb frame with that very dominating wall. As Curly said the top needs a slight crop, it's distracting.

Curly on red wall
It looks well focussed to me, but I'd crop that sliver of white from the top.

Joan Felix on red wall
Not to Focus !!!!

Curly on Meridian Gate
I love the flatness of this image, as though the whole scene has been painted on a wall.

Joan Felix on Meridian Gate
fantastic shot !!!

KriKridesign on Meridian Gate
fantastic perspective and colors, bravo!

Self-Indulgence on The Gate of Supreme Harmony
Excellently framed!

Curly on The Hall of Supreme Harmony
Who on earth dreams up the names for these public buildings?

Joan Felix on The Hall of Supreme Harmony
Warna sih Ok, tapi menurut saya lebih bagus bila kondisi dalam keadaan sunyi tidak ada orang, sehingga AURAnya lebih ...

Maru on singapore's skyscraper at night
Congratulations! I love this picture! Maybe you can see my portfolio! Best regards,

Joan Felix on the protector
Nice Shot

Curly on the throne
Super shot but a pity about the the big hotspot in the centre.

Garfield on a door & an alley
A little tighter crop with this well captured photo with super depth of field and beautiful color, really pop - well ...

Curly on a door & an alley
I think I would seriously think about cropping away the sky to keep the focus firmly on the doorway.

David on missing
This is a very nice colorful detail.

Curly on the walls
Why is it forbidden? I like the colours, although the right hand side is just a little over exposed.

Curly on padlock
Gorgeous rendition of the flaking textures.

Joan Felix on his name is arivin
Arifin is his name

antoine on his name is arivin
Superb portrait photo.

Joan Felix on thumbs up
thumbs Up for u Bro !!!

Garfield on thumbs up
What a joyous thumbs-up photo in nice b&w - two thumbs up for this one, Andre

Meysam on green bag & t-shirt
You like capturing poor photographers in action, don't you?

Meysam on fallen debris
Very nice shot. You have captured the subject and the photographer!

Garfield on fallen debris
Very nice compo of a photographer and surroundings (I find photos of people taking photos don't always turn our ...

Marie on the reliefs
joli graphisme.

dabbler on the reliefs
Lovely details!

Andre Muliana on golden light
thanks for all of the comments, I really appreciate it.

Meysam on The Old Supreme Court Building
Nice touch!

Meysam on illusion of rainbow
What is it? How did you do that?

Meysam on Prambanan
Great shot. Bravo!

Curly on Prambanan
Super shot, nicely tone mapped.

erfi anugrah on Prambanan
Awesome shot! Excellent HDR processing.

Joan Felix on Prambanan
i love your angle.great shot

Antoine on the stupas
Superb composition.

Joan Felix on the stupas
superb HDR.. excellent

k@ on the stupas
Impressive angle you selected !

erfi anugrah on the stupas
Awesome shot!

Self-Indulgence on the stupas
Nice image, both man made and real.

LauraS on the stupas
Beautiful shot from the mountains afar, to the stupas up close. Nice capture.

MK on Borobudur
the details r lost...good sky tho

Self-Indulgence on Borobudur
An absolutely impressive structure well photographed!

Self-Indulgence on reflection of light
Reminds me of Rorschach spots. Nice color.

Curly on reflection of light
This is fascinating, great colours and light, and a bull at either end!

Curly on colors of light
This is quite beautiful, well lit and presented.

B.Held on golden light
this is completely beautiful. wonderful work!

Marlowe on golden light
Superb effect ! Elegant and sensual !

Stefan on golden light
Just beautiful!

Levi Cusio on golden light
sensational capture! pefect composition and light. superb job!

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